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»Upon entering Peru

You must submit the International Embarkation / Disembarkation form and the Customs Declaration form to the competent authority.

The International Embarkation/Disembarkation Form is available on the plane or at the immigration center at the immigration office of the border where you will be crossing. Keep it since it must be submitted when leaving the country. If it is lost, the penalty is U.S. $4.00.


During your visit to Peru, it is important that you take the precautions that are shared among the world’s main cities and tourist destinations, such as not neglecting your belongings in public places or avoiding deserted places at night. Besides, we recommend taking the following:

Consider getting a copy of your passport, airplane tickets, and credit cards; likewise, think about the option of leaving your personal documents in the safekeeping of the hotel and taking the copies with you.

Discover where the unsafe areas of the city are and avoid visiting them, especially at night. Also consult the appropriate hours for visiting tourist attractions.

If you must exchange money, do so in banks, exchange houses, or in your hotel. Avoid doing this in plain sight.
If you drive a car, try using a parking garage or similar service. Do not leave it in dark spots or leave valuables in plain sight.

When entering the country, the immigration officer will assign you a length of stay in the country (between 30 and 90 days, according to his judgment). In the event you stay longer than the assigned number of days, you must pay U.S. $1.00 for every day over the established time limit when you doing the immigration paperwork for leaving the country. We suggest you arrive at the terminal in advance of your departure to accommodate the time needed for the procedures.

The Custom’s Declaration must state those goods that are subject to paying taxes; if this is not the case, then you must write down that you have nothing to declare. On the same form, you must declare if you are bringing into the country any animal or vegetable species, which require approval from the corresponding health authority of your country. If you do not have this document, the Peruvian health authority may order the vegetable species be burned and the animal put down.

Upon arriving  at the airport, all travelers must use the red light-green customs control system, pressing a single buttom. If the green light comes on, the declaration will be taken to be true and luggage may be withdraw without prior inspection.
If the red light comes on, a bag will be chosen from the travelers´s luggage and will be searched. If there is no difference between the declarartion and the contests of the lugagge, the traveler may withdraw his suitcase and enter the country. If the search determines that the declaration does not occur with the traveler´s goods, the goods will be retained, and if the value of these articles surpasses 12,000 (approximately US $ 3,372.00), legal action will be taken.

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