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Chiclayo Gran Hotel chiclayo Hotels
Name : Gran Hotel chiclayo
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$ 85 Double Room Reference rate apply to package tour

The Gran Hotel Chiclayo is strategically located in the heart of the City of Friendship, only 10 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes to the town center, surrounded by a combination of natural beauty and undeniable wish of progress.

Chiclayo Garza Hotel Hotels
Name : Garza Hotel
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$ 76 Double Room Reference rate apply to package tour

A nice new hotel with modern facilities and efficient service, located in the city center, near Chiclayo's commercial area.

Chiclayo Inti Hotel Hotels
Name : Inti Hotel
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$59 Double Room Reference rate apply to package tour

We have always been at the crest of good service to our customers by providing the highest quality.
The fact that our guests feel at home find comfort and gracious hospitality to its service has always been our prime objective.

Chiclayo Hotel Gran Sipan Hotels
Name : Hotel Gran Sipan
Category : Economic
Rooms : USD$ 38 Double Room Reference rate apply to package tour

This modern and pleasant construction is strategically located in the middle of center of Chiclayo.

Chiclayo Hotel Paraiso Hotels
Name : Hotel Paraiso
Category : Economic
Rooms : USD$27 Double room Reference rate apply to package tour

Paraíso Hotel fue creado para ofrecer el máximo confort a sus clientes. La envidiable y privilegiada ubicación es el factor clave de este hotel. Paraíso es un hotel moderno, con mucho encanto, cálido y relajado.

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