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Ica Hotel Las Dunas Hotels
Name : Hotel Las Dunas
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$ 79 Double room Reference Rate Only Apply to Package Tour

The most relaxing and fun hotel in Ica, Perú. Las Dunas Hotel is the ideal place to travel for a family vacation, tourist and business people. Start your adventure in Las Dunas Hotel. Ica weather is great all year round... our staff will be pleased to make un unforgettable stay.

Ica Hosteria suiza Hotels
Name : Hosteria suiza
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$ 55 Double room Reference Rate Only Apply to Package Tour

Hostería Suiza is the result of a venture that, with great tenacity and determination he carried on the owner, in what was until recently the family home, which today, with some reforms do not change at all its spirit, this has become tedious and meticulous Hostería
Very near the city of Ica, approximately 3 kilometers, this sensational place cause its visitors a truly unique experience, difficult to forget, and for this, nothing better than to know and stay in HOSTERIA SUIZA, a different environment, unique, quiet and equipped so that every visitor feel “como en su casa”

Ica El carmelo Hotel & Hacienda Hotels
Name : El carmelo Hotel & Hacienda
Category : Economic
Rooms : USD$ 40 doble Room Reference Rate Only Apply to Package Tour

The El Carmelo Hotel & Hacienda. A centuries-old winery where piscos and wines continue to be produced according to traditional methods to this day, the buildings and grounds possess a charming colonial air that invites one to relax and unwind.

Ica Sol de Ica Hotels
Name : Sol de Ica
Category : Economic
Rooms : USD$38 Double room Reference Rate Only Apply to Package Tour

El hotel esta ubicado estrategicamente a media cuadra de la Plaza de Armas, en el centro histórico de la ciudad y con fácil acceso a las principales entidades publicasy financieras.

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