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Nasca Hotel Cantayo Spa & Resort Hotels
Name : Hotel Cantayo Spa & Resort
Category : Luxury
Rooms : USD$ 150 Double room Reference rate only apply to package tour

The Hotel Cantayo Spa & Resort is located about three kilometers of the city of Nasca, in the way of the road of Cusco, very close to the rectangular geoglyphs with the acute angle in direction of the Cerro Blanco, the highest dune of South America. Those geoglyphs are named “Nasca Lines”, they represent the direction were the water come from that feeds the ancient Pre-Columbian aqueducts, the same which are bordering the walls of Cantayo

Nasca Casa Andina Nasca Hotels
Name : Casa Andina Nasca
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$ 90 DWB Reference rate only apply to package tour

The largest and most ideally located hotel with the most services & expert-led activities in Nasca. An airy 3-story, coastal-style hotel that’s modern with a welcoming rustic touch. The long, open-air central patio is lined with balconies, tall palm trees and leafy green plants, lending the hotel a tropical feel. The restaurant of the hotel overlooks the swimming pool, flower-filled patio, and bar.

Nasca La Maison Suisse Hotel Hotels
Name : La Maison Suisse Hotel
Category : Tourist
Rooms : USD$ 54 Double Room Reference rate only apply to package tour

Located in Nasca, 447km. South from Lima on the panamerican highway, the hotel offers first class service to local and foreing tourist who visit the area interested in the enigmatic and famous Nasca Lines

Nasca Oro Viejo Hotels
Name : Oro Viejo
Category : Economic
Rooms : USD$50 Double room Reference rate only apply to package tour

The Oro Viejo Hotel is situated just three blocks from the Plaza de Armas of the town of Nasca, on the south coast of Peru. Nasca lies at 587 meters above sea level (about 2000 feet), and has a pleasantly warm and dry climate all year round. Our hotel is located in a tranquil setting near the center of town, allowing tourists easy access to the central plaza, and areas of interest. We are located near the principal restaurants, souvenir shops, and cultural centers of our town.

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