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As ever a college professor told us, "the most important cultures in the world have developed in relation to their environment, the more rugged and difficult, the greater degree the culture reached." Peru is a clear example of these wise words, our country was the cradle of the most important culture in South America. The evidence speaks for itself, not only for the spectacular landscapes, but by the knowledge and development achieved by our ancestors reflected in their fabulous buildings with a strategic location alone are compelling and unique attractions



Visit the nearby Ballestas islands in the Paracas national reserve to view sea lions colonies,the Humbolt penguins and bird life. From Paracas,drive to Nasca, stopping in the route at the sand dunes of Huacachina, enjoy the flight over the ...
Activity: Pacific Coast Tours
Paracas peninsula is one of the world’s great marine reserves and was formally home to one of the Peru most important civilization: As you bob in a boat to the ballestas islands to watch the seabirds, look the giant ...
Activity: Pacific Coast Tours

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